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What Is The Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature?

Swimming pools can vary in temperature. Finding that perfect spot where is it comfortable to swim in is a challenge for most pool owners. If you do not own a pool heater, this might be hard to accomplish.

For those with a above ground pool heater and means of controlling the temperature of their pool a little better, determining the perfect swimming pool temperature is important. If the pool is too hot, no one will want to get in. However, if your pool is too cold, the swim won’t be enjoyable at all. So, what is the temperature you should be aiming for?

Who Exactly Will Be Swimming?

Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature

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A lot of times, swimming pools are used by young kids. According to Swimming University’s swimming pool statistic infographic, 41% of American Swimmers are children and teens.

This is important to note because kids are more sensitive to hotter temperatures. They also are beginner swimmers who likely are not thinking about the temperature of the water. Warmer temperatures around 87 degrees are considered the best for new swimmers to learn in. Here at Poology we to bring the information and if you have more question feel free to email us.

What is a Temperature that is Too Hot?

When determining the temperature of your pool, you should always consider the sun’s heat. During the summer, it can get ridiculously hot. This will raise the temperature of your pool. Temperatures in the 90-degree range and above are very uncomfortable to swim in for beginner or casual swimmers. and if you are looking for the cheapest and most cost efficient way to heat a swimming pool we have wrote an awesome article for you.

Professional swimmers tend to not have any problem with warmer temperatures like this. So, unless you are Michael Phelps, you will likely find 96-degree water too hot. Be reasonable when choosing a temperature that is high for your pool though. Most cannot withstand swimming in hotter temperatures. 

What is a Temperature that is Too Cold?

Cold pool water is popular due to the fact that is believed to help reduce body fat. This information is inconclusive. When swimming in colder pool water, your body works to reach a higher internal temperature. This doesn’t necessarily mean that body fat will be burned during this process.

For this to be such a dangerous way to swim, cold water should not be considered even for fat burning capabilities. Cold water can cause many health issues. Swimmers with heart problems can even go into cardiac arrest if exposed to cold pool temperatures for too long.

Cold temperatures typically refer to anything below 70-degrees, but it can go up to 75-degrees. 

What is the Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature?

Swimming Pool Temperature

Swimming Pool Temperature

Let’s take a look at competitive swimming for some guidance. There are regulations that must be followed in competitions. The ideal temperature for these competitions is somewhere between 77-degrees and 82-degrees Fahrenheit.

Depending on your personal preference, you may want to go to higher temperatures. However, for a general rule of thumb, it is a good place to start. Warmer temperatures not only keep you from unexpected health issues, but they are great for beginners as well.

For the most part, if you are a casual swimmer, you should not have to worry about higher pool temperatures. When competing in a swimming competition, you will want to make sure you are in water that is at an ideal temperature. Water temp can cause your body to go into shock and can be fatal, but only if you are exerting massive amounts of energy.

So, as a final verdict, try to go for a moderate temperate in your pool. Staying about 77-degrees and below 87-degrees will have you in the right place. The perfect swimming pool temperature ultimately is dependent on who will be swimming and what type of swimming will be done.

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