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What is a Hot Tub Ozonator and What Are Pros and Cons?

Ozonators are often found in newer hot tub systems. If you have an older hot tub, you will likely need to install an ozonator if you want one. So, what is an ozonator?

Ozonators work to improve the quality of the water in your hot tub. It works in a similar manner as drinking water filters. Using ozonators also will help you in saving money in the long term. we have compiled a list of the hot tubs in market, is you want to check this out click on the link Best Inflatable Hot Tub and Portable Spa Reviews -Top Rated Units and save money by picking the best for your needs.

How Do Ozonators Work?

Ozonators work by utilizing ozone gases to break up bacteria and thus sanitizing the water. Ozone is a strong oxidizer of contaminants. Ozone is a combination of three oxygen atoms.

UV light works to break apart a oxygen atoms and when that recently freed oxygen atom combines with another oxygen atom, ozone is formed. It is not a solid bond though. When the new ozone atom hits another contaminant, it breaks off and oxidizes it. This process completely destroys the contaminant and sanitizes the water. check out this article How To Care For Inflatable Hot Tubs and Clear Mold.

Why Would You Want To Purchase a Hot Tub Ozonator?

Hot Tub Ozonator

Hot Tub Ozonator

Using chemical sanitizers like chlorine can eventually get old and cause issues such as unbalanced pH levels. This can lead to cloudy water and other unwanted occurrences. Depending on chemicals is not a bad thing, but it still has the possibility of causing issues you do not want to deal with.

Ozonators on the other hand make it easier to clean your water. It also makes your water look really clear and appealing to get into. This can help both in a practical manner as well as a mental manner. If you see extremely clear water, it only makes you want to get in and enjoy it even more. 

Ozone is also natural. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and it does a great job of killing off any bad bacteria in your hot tub water. If you decide to continue to use sanitizers like chlorine along with an ozonator, you will experience even cleaner water. The two combined have the power to kill off germs and viruses. Even when using them together, you still do not need nearly as much sanitizer and this will save you money as time goes by. 

By taking advantage of ozonators, you run into several health benefits. Not only do you save money on sanitizers, but you also do not have to change the water in your hot tub as much. The water is so clean, it almost fe softer to the skin when you get in. 

One of the few downsides to using ozone to sanitize your hot tub is the fact that ozone does not last long. It typically will dissipate within 4-6 hours. That is why ozonators were created, to constantly generate ozone. However, due to the delay between generation, cross contamination has a chance to take effect between users of the hot tub. That is why it is suggested to use ozonators in conjunction with sanitizers like bromine and chlorine.

To summarize, we at Poology made a list of hot tub ozonator pros and cons


Ozone to Sanitize Hot Tub

Ozone to Sanitize Hot Tub


  • Filtration of the chemicals in your water can damage your hot tub cover
  • Some ozonators have high energy usage
  • Due to the short life span of ozone, cross contamination can occur.

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