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Hot Tub Folliculitis Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Hot tubs have several health benefits. They help relieve stress and anxiety. Relaxation is almost always associated with hot tubs. However, this does not mean that blow up spas are 100% safe. With everything that is good, there is always a bad side. It is important to not overlook hot tub folliculitis. That is one of the main causes of the condition.

What is Hot Tub Folliculitis?

Hot Tub Folliculitis

Hot Tub Folliculitis

Hot Tub Folliculitis or Hot Tub Rash is a skin condition that occurs from soaking in a hot tub for too long. More specifically, it is caused from bathing in warm water. You could see symptoms hours after exposure or you may see them days after. No matter your age, hot tub folliculitis can affect you. There is a similar condition to this one that arises from wearing bathing suits that was not washed and dried correctly. 

What Causes Hot Tub Folliculitis?

A number of things can cause hot tub folliculitis. We at Poology believe this is not a condition that arises out of nowhere. One way this condition can plague hot tub users is when the water they are soaking in is not clean. Sanitation is one of the number one stressed issues when it comes to hot tubs. If they are not cleaned properly, you can expect dead skin and germs to be sitting in the water.

Regular cleaning is advised because if you are using sanitizers like chlorine to clean your pool, it does not last long. Warm water burns through chlorine relatively fast. Because of this, germs and other contaminants have plenty of time to thrive and cause infections like hot tub folliculitis.

How Do You Know When You Have Hot Tub Folliculitis?

You know you have hot tub folliculitis when you find red “pimples” after bathing in a hot tub. These bumps can be both itchy and tender. Similar to pimples, if they do burst open, pus or blood can squirt out. These bumps are typically located at places where your bathing suit was covering.

Other symptoms include fevers and an upset stomach. You also may notice having a sore throat, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Typically, the hot tub folliculitis issue does not grow to any other serious condition. Although, if you have a weak immune system, you should see a doctor and prepare to take medication for the new condition.

Treating Hot Tub Folliculitis

Treating Hot Tub

Treating Hot Tub

Most of the time, hot tub folliculitis clears up within a couple of days. It is not a deadly infection and it does not spread. Being exposed to contaminated hot tub water causes it, so you should make sure to stay away from the hot tub for a couple of days.

If you do not see symptoms fading away after three days, it is advised to see the doctor. This could mean you have developed another infection or the symptoms you observed were not from hot tub folliculitis after all. installing an hot tub ozonators can help.

In the event that the itchiness is bothering you, you are welcome to try applying anti-itching cream on the infected area.

How to Go About Preventing Hot Tub Folliculitis?

Preventing hot tub folliculitis is as simple as keeping your hot tub clean. Check the chemical levels in your pool often to make sure everything is balanced. Having an adequate amount of chlorine in your pool is a great start. Chlorine works to fight off bacteria and germs that cause hot tub folliculitis.

You should also be practicing proper hot tub cleaning methods. Refilling your water every month and shocking it(with chlorine) is important. Scrubbing your hot tub out after draining it is optional but a great idea.

Make sure to properly clean your swimsuit after leaving the hot tub as well. Taking showers before getting in also will keep the amount of contaminants down in your pool.

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