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How To Get Rid of Cloudy Pool Water Fast?!

Cloudy pool water is a common issue. Many factors play a role in this occurrence. Getting rid of cloudy pool water is a lot easier than most know. Once you accomplish this task, it is important to take measures to prevent your water from getting cloudy in the first place. First, you should understand what causes cloudy pool water. 

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Pool Water

Pool Water

What Causes Cloudy Pool Water?

Bad Chemicals

It should not be a surprise that the chemicals used in pools can turn your water cloudy. Overusing chemicals like chlorine can be bad. pH levels are extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy pool. 

Bad Filter

The filters main job is to keep your water clean. If your filter is not functioning properly or is just generally a bad filter, you can expect to see your water get cloudy and dirty over time. learn how to properly vacuum and inground swimming pool.

Even more specific, you may want to take a look at your pump system to make sure it if working correctly. It is the driving force behind any good filter system and if it is malfunctioning, you can expect to see more debris building up in your pool.

Bad Weather & the Environment

You also have to worry about natural happenings like storms, birds, and dirt and debris in the air falling into your pool. This is almost unavoidable. As time passes, it may seem like mother nature’s only purpose is to make your pool water cloudy. Luckily, there are ways to combat this.

Lots of Swimmers

This is more an obvious answer, but it is sometimes overlooked. People carry around dirt that can easily make your pool water cloudy. Walking through dirt or even on concrete and jumping into the pool is a sure fire way to dirty your pool water. 

Algae Buildup

Every pool owner has seen some algae in their lifetime. It is almost inevitable when it comes to owning a pool. You may miss out on cleaning your pool one week and the next you will see algae. Well, this algae only aids in making your pool water dirty and producing that cloudy water you do not want to see.

The first step to fixing cloudy pool water is understanding the cause. Now that you have a rough idea, you can take the necessary steps to keep your pool water clean.

How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

Check Pool Chemical Levels

Pool Chemical Levels

Pool Chemical Levels

As stated above, chemical imbalance is a big cause of cloudy pool water. Using water test kits, you can check the pH level of your water. If it is between 7.2 and 7.6, you are good. Otherwise, you will need to add a pH decreased or add more chemicals to level the pH accordingly.

Use a Pool Clarifier

Clarity is something you are looking for when dealing with cloudy pool water. That is why pool clarifiers are perfect for this situation. They will essentially collect all the dirt particles that are making your pool cloudy and group them together in one place. Once this happens, your filter system should handle the rest fairly easy. 

Check Your Filter System and automatic pool cleaner

Speaking of your filter system, it is important to always check it and make sure everything is functioning properly. Occasionally, it can get clogged. You should make sure to keep the filter clean so that it can filter efficiently. We wrote an article if you are curious how automatic cleaners work, check it out and tell us what you think. 

Clean Your Pool Deck

The concrete around your pool is prone to have dirt and debris on it. Keeping this area washed off and clean as much as you can will prevent a lot of the dirt that people drag into your pool when they jump in.

Buy a Pool Cover

Mother nature doesn’t hold back for anyone. In strong storms, the wind can easily blow all types of dirt and tree limbs into your pool. At the time, you may not notice it, but the more it happens, the cloudier your pool water gets. Buying a pool cover will help keep some of what the wind is blowing into your pool, out of it. Here at Poology we to love to bring the best and most up to date information, and if you have more question feel free to email us.

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