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How to Clean a Sitting Hot Tub with Homemade Vinegar?

Making the decision to get a hot tub is not hard at all if you have the money for it. With so many different benefits of getting one, hot tubs are a wonderful asset. The only issue is, cleaning can become hectic. There are several things to take into account before cleaning your hot. Not only that, but insufficient cleaning can lead to a number of issues. If you don't yet own a hot tub check this article Best Inflatable Hot Tub and Portable Spa Reviews -Top Rated Units.

 Today, we will go over how to clean your hot tub from start to finish. Proper sanitation is important to make sure your hot tub lasts long and to keep you from getting sick due to improper cleaning.

A Few Essentials

Clean a Hot Tub

Clean a Hot Tub

Before jumping in, let’s go over a few items you will need to properly clean your hot tub. You should make sure you have a bucket and a hose laying around. Get yourself a sponge or rag for scrubbing. Brushes also work.

Having a few cleaners is also not a bad idea for caring for your hot tub. We suggest an enzymatic and bathroom cleaner. For the filter system, you should get a spa filter cartridge cleaner and degreaser. You can easily add on to this list or take away, but that should be enough to get started cleaning.

Areas of Focus

Spa Cover

Give your spa cover a thorough checking. If there are any holes or tears, you will want to pick up on them early. Also check for waterlog. Spa covers are known to be places for bacteria and mold to grow, so you should make sure to clean them good. Get your sponge and some cleaner and scrub it down. Next, wash it off with a hose and let it air dry.


We at Poology believe that your filter system is important to keep clean. Depending on how dirty or clean your hot tub is, your filter could be extremely dirty. Having a dirty filter can lead your filter not working properly. This can cause issues down the line and have you cleaning your hot tub a lot more than you would like. Use your spa filter cartridge cleaner to get your filter clean.

If you cannot find your filter, make sure to check your hot tub manual. It is usually located inside the hot tub.


After refilling your hot tub, you should shock your water. This is the process by which you apply chlorine or other sanitizers to your water. It is important because it helps get rid of contaminants in the water. After going through the long process of cleaning your hot tub, you do not want your hard work to be for nothing because you did not shock your water.


When refilling your hot tub, it is important to test your water. pH values in your water play a big role in sanitation. You should make sure the levels are good. Using test strips to do this part is fairly easy. installing a hot tub ozonator may prevent issues like hot tub folliculitis.

System Flushing

System Flushing

System Flushing

One of the main reasons for improper hot tub cleaning is failure to flush your system. Your plumbing system is the best place for waste to build up. Things like oils, hair products, and cosmetics are only a few contaminants that get stuck in your plumbing.

Most people don’t think about this and thus fail to properly clean their system. However, this build-up of waste eventually spread throughout your hot tub system and affect its circulation and filter system. You should be able to imagine the type of problems this can cause.

Flushing your system is easy though. To start, you should remove your filters and pour system flusher into the filter system. Turn your jets on and let this run for about 45 minutes. After this time has passed, turn off your jets and allow for your hot tub to sit overnight. Next, you should follow the rest of the instructions on your bottle of system flusher accordingly.

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