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Cheapest Cost Efficient Way to Heat a Pool?

First, it is important to know that you do not have to buy a pool heater to heat your pool. There are several ways to go about accomplishing a warmer pool. This will help you save a lot of money as pool heaters usually start around $1000 for a cheap heater.If you don't yet have a pool heater you can read our awesome article Best Pool Heaters of 2018! Gas, Solar and Electric! and pick the option for your needs.

Cheapest Way to Heat a Pool

Cheapest Way to Heat a Pool

Solar Blankets

If you want to save money while warming your pool, investing in solar pool covers is a great route to go. With these neat covers, you can trap the heat generated from the sun to keep your pool at a warm temperature.

You also get the added benefit of keeping your pool clean when using solar blankets. The only disadvantage to using solar blankets over pool heaters is you do not have any control over the exact temperature of your pool.

Solar Rings

Similar to solar blankets, you can use solar rings to warm your pool in a relatively cheap manner. Solar Rings do the exact same thing as solar blankets, just in a different style. You also may find solar rings that are cheaper than solar blankets making these a bit more appealing than solar blankets.

Black Hose Trick

For those who own a long black hose, you can use a simple trick that utilizes solar power to heat the water before filling your pool up.

You will want to hook your hose up and have it stretched out as far as you can so the water has a long way to travel before reaching your pool. Turn your water on and let the heat from the sun warm your water hose up for free.

Windproof Enclosure

Another great way to heat your pool is by installing a windproof enclosure around your pool. The wind cools your pool water off just like how coffee is cooled off when you blow on it. Getting a windproof enclosure is an inexpensive way to keep your pool consistently warmer. Windproof enclosures will vary in price depending on the size of your pool. This is not the cheapest route to go, but it does provide some of the best results out of all the methods on our list. it takes a long time to get to that perfect swimming pool temperature.

Liquid Solar Cover

Liquid solar covers are transparent barriers that help to prevent evaporation and water cooling. They are lightweight, thin, and cheap to purchase. Evaporation of water is one of the main reasons for your water cooling, so this is a great way to keep your water warm.

These covers look really cool, however, in terms of efficiency, they can not compete with traditional pool covers. 

Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps

As a last line of defense, you can invest in a pool heat pump. This is a type of pool heater, however, it is cheap to buy and cheap to operate. It works by taking the heat from the air and warming your pool with it. This way, no matter if the sun is out or not, your pool can still be heated. It does not use any gas or electricity to produce heat which lowers its overall operational costs.

Creating a Solar Pool Heating System

If you want to build your own solar pool heating system, you can always go this route as well. It is a system that utilizes energy produced by solar panels. Here is a rough step by step guide on getting started with your system.

The system is composed of several solar panels and a pump. Water is circulated throughout the system and heated by the solar panels. Make sure that your panels are in a spot where they can get constant sunlight, otherwise, heating your water will not be as efficient and constant. Here at Poology we to bring the information and if you have more question feel free to email us.

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